…michael a pleasure thank you for all you did – your mind and your work

Robert Richardson Asc [Breathe 2017]

… It was such a pleasure to watch you get better and better as the shoot progressed, if that’s possible. U gave 200 per cent and every shot was a winner…

Phillip Noyce [Roots 2015]

It’s been a real pleasure working with you. I can completely trust your ideas in how to construct a scene. It makes it a very relaxing for me as I can concentrate on lighting in an ever more time critical environment.

Alisdair Walker [Outlander 2019]

I really appreciated your sharp attention to detail and your responsiveness to my feedback.Your willingness to always give your best was always apparent. I ask a lot of my camera operators and to see the way in which you adapted and improved your compositions throughout the duration of the film was excellent.

Jess Hall Bsc [Serenity 2018]

So glad to have you back. You are most definitely integral to the show

Matt B Roberts Exec Producer [Outlander Season 5]